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Dustybots is an exclusive, unique NFT Collection consisting of small digital art toy robots. Instead of a normal
head, they have a small screen showing short characteristic animations. Each Dustybot edition is unique and comes in limited quantity. New editions are released regularly 
and from time to time there will be special editions.

a cartoon hand holding an astronaut dustybot




Dustybots are keepers of what it means to be human. Each Dustybot was equipped with a specific set of data during construction that reflects one aspect of life. Now they share their biggest passion with the world on their screen. Some love the simple things like a never melting cone of ice-cream, others deal with the history of mankind and still others just try to capture feelings for eternity. 
Each Dustybots is part of the giant puzzle of human existence, and together they depict the world as they see it.
Dustybots are forever.

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